Turn your puppy into a great family dog… The Easy Way!

Puppies are cute alright. They are also full of energy and totally unaware of the rules of human society.

Let us help you survive puppyhood AND keep your sanity, all while helping shape good habits for the ideal family dog you’ve always wanted.

Puppy Problems got you tearing your hair out?

Let us help tame the chaos of puppy hood and teach the important life skills your puppy needs to grow into a happy, well-adjusted family dog.

We’ll work on the behaviours and skills all puppies need such as; safe appropriate socialisation, sit, down, come when called, wait, attention, and crate training to name a few. Plus help with problem behaviours like biting, jumping, barking, chewing, house training etc. We also provide advice and practical solutions to managing your puppy’s behaviour during this adorable but ever challenging puppy phase. All our training is done where it matters most! Around your home, neighbourhood plus anywhere you need your puppy to behave appropriately.

How it works.


Schedule a 90 minute in-home Consult


We Train! You can choose from option A or B


You get a better behaved puppy!

Tell me more….!

During the In-Home Consult, We’ll discuss how you and puppy are managing, and where you want to get to. From there we will tailor a training plan to meet you and your pup’s specific training needs. We’ll answer your questions about puppy rearing, socialisation and care. We’ll then leave you with some simple solutions you can implement right away to bring instant relief to your puppy problems!

COST: $225 for the Consult.

Schedule your in-home consult

Choose a training option: A or B.

A: Day Training.

Puppy learns while your away..

With our day training option we do the bulk of the training for you, so you can relax and enjoy a puppy who’s much easier to live with. Training will also go faster when we do it. We set aside a session a week where we show you what your puppy has mastered, and then teach you how to be consistent and keep things running smoothly.

Single Session: $150
3 week Package: 14 total sessions; 9 x day training sessions with dog plus 3 x transfer sessions with owner, plus 2 follow up sessions $1799
4 week Package: 18 total sessions; 12 x day training sessions with dog plus 4 x transfer sessions with owner, plus 2 follow up sessions $1980
6 week package: 26 total session; 18 sessions with dog, 6 transfer sessions with owner, plus 2 follow up sessions $2600

B: Coaching.

We teach you and your puppy..

Want to be more involved in your puppy’s education? Or maybe the training bug has bit you… This is the option for you… It’s a little like training class: first we show you, and then you get to practice. We’ll give you easy, effective training exercises that you can practice when we’re not there. We all know things go better when everyone is consistant, so we love to have the whole family involved, where possible.

Single 1hr Session: $150
Silver Package: 5 x 1hr sessions $725
Gold Package: 7 x 1hr sessions $979
Platinum Package: 9 x 1hr sessions $1215

*Don’t see what you are looking for talk to us about a customised package to suit your training needs.

Need more support?

Don’t worry we won’t leave you high and dry between lessons, we offer unlimited support via email/phone/text, for free.

What about travel fee’s?

If you live in Lismore, Casino, Coraki, Woodburn, Evans Head, or any other location within 35km’s of our location in Bora Ridge travel is included at no additional fee. If you are more than 35km’s from our location we charge a flat rate of $2 per km one way. e.g. if you live in Dunoon approx 58km from our location you would pay for 23km travel (first 35km free) so you would pay $46 in travel fee’s on top of each lesson or package cost.

“An amazing experience…”

“Intuitive Dog Training was an amazing experience and has helped us to have a happy, playful and pleasant puppy in just 5 weeks. I highly recommend Katie to any of you out there that need help training your puppies. Thank you Intuitive Dog Training”

– Jessica, Eli & Snoopy

Why choose Intuitive Dog Training to help train your puppy?

Professional and dedicated Trainer

Peace of mind – We use only humane force and fear free training methods

Real life problem solving and solutions

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