Senior Puppy Course

Cost $175

This comprehensive 6 week course is specifically designed for puppies from 14 weeks to 7 month of age.  It is crucial that puppies of this age bracket continue their education and positive socialisation experiences so that they can develop into a well mannered family dog you can enjoy at home and take anywhere with you.

Our program aims to provide positive training and socialisation experiences in a safe and controlled environment to enhance your puppies learning and overall behaviour.

This course is most suitable for puppies who have undertaken puppy preschool either with us or their vet/other location. But don’t worry If your puppy has missed puppy preschool this course is still the perfect starting point for your puppy!

  • Online Orientation – take in your time before first lesson
  • 5 x group puppy training lessons in person
  • Option for Discounted Private Home visit prior to starting class to ensure you are on the right track (cost additional)
  • Small class sizes maximum 6 puppies per class.
  • Individualised attention for each and every attendee
  • Location: Lismore Show Grounds
  • Puppy play is not included in senior puppy classes – The aim of this program is create puppies who are focused and attentive to their humans rather then other dogs/environmental stimuli.
  • Includes: Access to online content & video to help you practice at home between classes,  Graduation Certificate, Access to Private Facebook group for your class, unlimited phone/ email support, invites to Intuitive Dog Training exclusive client events.

What should I bring to class?

  • Your puppy on a flat collar and lead or body harness – Please no check chains, chain leads or retractable leads.
  • Drinking water for yourself and water/bowl for your puppy.
  • A comfortable bed or mat for your puppy to relax on
  • Tasty treats – Cooked chicken, cheese, diced cooked steak, left over roast meats, diced prime 100 dog rolls, dried liver, chicken etc
  • A treat pouch (If you do not have one we have some available for $25)
  • Please wear closed in appropriate COVERED SHOES no thongs/clogs/hi heels etc.

What will my puppy learn?

Your puppy will learn the following behaviours during the course of our program –

  • Review behaviours learnt in puppy preschool – Respond to name, Sit and Drop/lie down – Progress to sitting, dropping beside you.
  • Focus/ Attention with distractions
  • Sit for polite human greetings
  • Appropriate social interaction with other puppies
  • Stand (for examination or grooming) with duration
  • Stay
  • Wait for food bowl
  • Go to Place (Bed/mat/crate)
  • Settle on Bed/mat
  • Recall
  • Loose leash Walking
  • Simple hand target (useful for gaining other advanced behaviours)
  • Give up items
  • Leave items
  • Basic Tricks
  • Accept gentle handling
  • Confidently accept the presence of other puppies, children and adults.

Owner Education

We aim to keep our classes fun and informative for both puppies and their humans, during our course you will learn about-

  • Positive reinforcement training and how dogs learn
  • Clicker Training and how it can be used as a powerful training tool
  • Handling and grooming
  • Toilet training (check how things are going – address any problems)
  • Bite inhibition (Check how this is going – address any problems)
  • Environmental Enrichment
  • Prevention of resource guarding
  • Appropriate play for older puppies/dogs
  • Understanding and managing normal puppy behaviour
  • Interpreting body language

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