Puppy Life Skills – Senior Puppy Course – Lismore

December 23, 2020 6:00 pm
December 23, 2020 7:00 pm
Lismore Show Ground, Farmer Market Shed, Alexander Parade, North Lismore   View map


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This Comprehensive 6 week course is designed especially for puppies from 14 weeks to 7 month of age.  It is crucial that puppies of this age bracket continue their education and positive socialisation experiences so that they can develop into a well mannered family dog you can enjoy at home and take anywhere with you.

Our program aims to provide positive training and socialisation experiences in a safe and controlled environment to enhance your puppies learning and overall behaviour.

This course is most suitable for puppies who have undertaken puppy preschool either with us or their vet/other location. Don’t worry If your puppy has missed puppy preschool This class is the perfect place to start! 

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Once your puppy has learned the basics in Puppy Preschool, help prepare him for everyday life by your side…

In Puppy life skills we’ll continue the all-important business of ensuring your puppy is having positive proactive experiences while beginning to lay the foundations of a well-mannered family dog. Along with reviewing the skills you learnt in Puppy Preschool, your puppy will learn the basic rules of polite human society, like giving focus and attention, staying in place, sitting to say please, leaving objects that don’t belong to them, walking nicely on leash, coming when called, and hanging out on one’s bed while the family makes and eats dinner.

  • 6 week course
  • First Week puppy free – Human only Orientation
  • Classes held at Lismore Show Grounds (farmers market shed)
  • Includes: A free Clicker, Handouts, Graduation Certificate, Weekly prizes, unlimited phone/ email support, invites to Intuitive Dog Training exclusive client events.

*All Puppies must have had all their puppy vaccinations to participate in this class.

This class is designed as a follow on for puppies who have learned some basics in Puppy preschool – with us or their vet clinic, Don’t worry if your puppy has missed puppy preschool This class is the perfect starting point for your puppy!


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