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Canine Life Skills Course

Cost $165

Our innovative and fun canine life skills course is built around real life scenarios, with a different theme each week.

This course is for Adolescent and adult dogs over 4 months old that have all vaccination up to date. Adolescent dogs may be starting to push a few boundaries, forgetting basic cues, or simply just ignoring you! It is a perfect time to continue on from our puppy classes or if your dog has had no previous training this is the perfect place to start! Our program aims to provide positive training in fun and safe manner for both dogs and their owners.

  • 6 week program – 1 hour per week
  • Dog free orientation lesson first week to set you and your dog up for success in class.
  • Option for Home visit prior to starting class to ensure you are on the right track (cost additional)
  • Lismore – Lismore Show grounds under cover protected from sun and inclement weather and outdoors weather permitting.
  • Casino – Casino Scout Hall fully indoors protected from the sun and inclement weather – no cancelled classes due to bad weather..
  • Small class sizes maximum 5 dogs in Casino and 6 dogs per class Lismore.
  • Individualised attention for each and every attendee
  • Cost includes – A free Clicker, Handouts, Graduation Certificate, Weekly prizes, Unlimited phone/ email support, Invites to Intuitive Dog Training exclusive client events.

What should I bring to class?

  • Your dog on a flat collar and lead or body harness – Please no check chains, chain leads or retractable leads.
  • Drinking water for yourself and water/bowl for your dog.
  • A comfortable bed or mat for your dog to relax on
  • Tasty treats – Cooked chicken, cheese, diced cooked steak, left over roast meats, diced prime 100 dog rolls, dried liver, chicken etc
  • A treat pouch (If you do not have one we have some available for $25)
  • Please wear closed in appropriate footware no thongs/clogs/hi heels etc.
Dog Training Classes, Obedience classes

What will my dog learn?

Your dog will learn the following behaviours during the course of our program –

  • Focus on you in distracting environments
  • Leave objects when asked
  • Sit when asked
  • Drop/ lie down on cue
  • Stand
  • Walking nicely on loose lead
  • Settle on Bed/mat
  • Come When called
  • Stay
  • Sit for greeting/ polite human greetings
  • appropriate on lead manners around other dogs and people

Owner Education

We aim to keep our classes fun and informative for both dogs and their humans, during our course you will learn about-

  • Positive reinforcement training and how dogs learn
  • All about Clicker training and its use as an effective training tool
  • Interpreting Body Language
  • Environmental Enrichment
  • Management strategies for problem behaviours e.g. jumping up, barking
  • On-lead management around other dogs

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