Learning doesn’t end with puppyhood!…

Neither should your dog’s education. Did you know that your dog is learning 24hr’s a day, some of what they learn may be desirable to us, but often much of what they learn is undesirable, such as learning that pulling on leash gets them to where they want to go faster, or jumping up on the human earns attention, or that other dogs are scary and barking, growling and lunging makes them go away!

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We can help 

  • Teach Basic manners: Sit, Stay, Come When Called, Loose Leash Walking, Leave It, Polite Greetings etc

  • Modify Nuisance or problem Behaviour: Destructive Chewing; Excessive Barking, Destructive Digging, Guarding People or Things, Fireworks and/or Thunderstorm Phobias, Shyness, Anxiety, Fear, Aggression.

How it works.


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We Train! You can choose from option A or B


Enjoy your better behaved companion!

Tell me more….!

During the In-Home Consult, We’ll discuss what your dog is doing, or not doing, and what you would like to see change? From there we then tailor a training plan to meet you and your dog’s specific training needs. Where appropriate we will provide some simple solutions you can implement right away to bring instant relief to your dog problems!

COST: $225 for the Consult.

Schedule your in-home consult

Choose a training option: A or B.

A: Day Training.

Your dog learns while your at work..

Your busy, I get it.. Day training is the perfect option for busy families, or those that lack the confidence to tackle their dog’s training themselves. I come to your home 2 to 3 times a week for 1hr and train your dog for you. Training will go a little faster with a professional at the driving end. We’ll then set aside one or more sessions where we show you what your dog has mastered and how to manage and reinforce so your dog’s behaviour is kept polished.

Single Session: $150
3 week Package: 14 total sessions; 9 x day training sessions with dog plus 3 x transfer sessions with owner, plus 2 follow up sessions $1799
4 week Package: 18 total sessions; 12 x day training sessions with dog plus 4 x transfer sessions with owner, plus 2 follow up sessions $1980
6 week package: 26 total session; 18 sessions with dog, 6 transfer sessions with owner, plus 2 follow up sessions $2600

B: Coaching.

We teach you to train your dog..

For people who want to be part of their dog’s training, from the get-go. I come to you once a week for 1hr and work with both you and your dog, and we’ll set you up with easy, effective training exercises that you can practice when we’re not there.

Single 1hr Session: $150
Silver Package: 5 x 1hr sessions $725
Gold Package: 7 x 1hr sessions $979
Platinum Package: 9 x 1hr sessions $1215

*Don’t see what you are looking for talk to us about a customised package to suit your training needs.

Need more support?

Don’t worry we won’t leave you high and dry between lessons, we offer unlimited support via email/phone/text, for free.

What about travel fee’s?

If you live in Lismore, Casino, Coraki, Woodburn, Evans Head, or any other location within 35km’s of our location in Bora Ridge travel is included at no additional fee. If you are more than 35km’s from our location we charge a flat rate of $2 per km one way. e.g. if you live in Dunoon approx 58km from our location you would pay for 23km travel (first 35km free) so you would pay $46 in travel fee’s on top of each lesson or package cost.

“Have loved working with her…”

“If you’re in need of an amazing dog trainer look no further than Katie! She has helped so much with my Labrador and has an incredible amount of knowledge. Have loved working with her.”

– Samantha & Thea

Why choose Intuitive Dog Training to help train your dog?

Get a customised approach with real life results that work for your busy life.

Work with a highly skilled trainer committed to the latest canine learning science, who is transparent about her methods and happy to explain all of it to you.

Deepen the trust in your relationship with your dog through positive based, force-free training methods.

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