What you can expect when you and your dog train with us:

  • A professional, personalised and friendly service with a customised training plan to address your specific training needs.

  • Science based, force-free training methods that are safe, effective and fun for both you and your dog.

  • A better-behaved family dog that is a joy to have around!

Meet Katie

Intuitive Dog Training is owned and operated by highly respected Professional Dog Trainer Katie Eyles. Katie has undertaken studies in dog behaviour and training with Delta Institute Australia and Karen Pryor academy USA, she holds professional memberships with the Association of Pet dog trainers Australia, Pet Professional Guild Australia and Association of Professional Dog Trainers in the USA.

Katie loves nothing more than to be surrounded by her gorgeous Labrador Retriever’s and successfully competes In conformation showing with her lab’s on a regular basis. As a registered breeder of Labrador Retriever’s with Dog’s NSW Katie is passionate about raising puppies to be the best they can be through genetic testing of both parents, proper nutrition, socialisation, enrichment and early training. As a breeder raising many wonderful litters of Labrador puppies, Katie has a wealth of knowledge and experience in dog training and behaviour in particular appropriate puppy development and living in and managing a multiple dog household.

Katie is committed to ongoing professional development and regularly attends conferences, seminars and workshops held by some of the world’s most highly respected dog professionals. Katie continues to further renew her knowledge of dog training and behaviour, through various educational opportunities & is currently undertaking further studies through the prestigious Victoria Stilwell academy.

Professional Dog trainer

Katie Eyles – Owner/Head Trainer – Intuitive Dog Training


I know how much your dog means to you. That’s why I only use positive reinforcement techniques to help you train your dog. It’s highly effective, lots of fun and builds a stronger bond between human and dog.

Reward-based dog training Lismore, Reward-based training

Our Training Methods

Intuitive Dog Training use only reward-based, force-free training methods that are backed by science.

Why reward-based dog training?

Because reward-based dog training changes behaviour quickly and painlessly without force, fear, or punishment. Most importantly reward-based training is soundly based on science and endorsed by the RSPCA and the Australian Veterinary Association. Therefore with reward-based training, you will have a dog who is eager to learn and try new things while enjoying the training process – which means both results and peace of mind for you.

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