You want a better-behaved family companion?

At Intuitive Dog Training we’re here to help your dog do more of what you want and less of what you don’t. Therefore we make living with your dog much less stressful and lots more fun – for both of you.

New Puppy!

“What now?”

We’ll guide you through the challenging puppy month’s when your sweet new bundle of joy suddenly turns into a peeing, pooing, barking, biting and chewing little monster!

Private dog training, professional dog trainer

Adult dog

“Is their behaviour driving you mad?”

Need help with leash pulling, destructive chewing, excessive barking, impolite greetings, counter surfing and other not-so-desirable behaviours. Or solutions for more serious problems, from aggression to fear or anxiety to sound phobias.

We’re here to help! Check out our adult programs here.

Positive Training for Positive Results

Why we use only positive reward-based training methods

It’s a highly effective training method with proven results

Positive Reinforcement training is recommended by the Australian Veterinary Association and the RSPCA

Science has shown us that reward-based training is just as effective as old school methods, without any unintended side effects or risks

It’s fun for both dogs and their owners, and we want you and your dog to enjoy the training experience

Punishment is no fun for either party.

Intuitive Dog Training provide Professional Dog Training services in Northern NSW

One to one private Dog training, Day training services and behaviour consultations in Lismore, Casino, Kyogle, Ballina, Woodburn, Coraki, Evans Head and Surrounding Suburbs.

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